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Jamaican Me Crazy… Mon!

Dead pines everywhere oh yes they are. So I write this in November of 2019 and after three years of hurricane hits to our area our trees are stressed out and dying.
Pay attention but there are literally dead pines everywhere. I play a game in the truck with my two boys, four and seven years old, spotting dead pines is quite an active car ride game…. try it and keep count!
Back to business – here is a video of a beetle infested dead pine tree being removed by the Arbor Pros. Trees like this are dying all over the place and talk on the streets is shifting from hurricane and tree discussions to discussions about beetles.
“Oh the d@*#! beetles are gonna kill all my trees”
Maybe…. maybe not. That can be tough to predict, but what we do know is that the wind loading has stressed the trees out. When they sway so drastically, and three years in a row, internal cracking and fractures are happening. These damages cause the trees to use more energy in healing. Then they become stressed, weak, depleted, and then ultimately are susceptible to invasion by beetles.
So healthy trees do have immune systems which do keep the beetles out. The hard part is identifying these wind loaded stressed trees in advance so that those can be protected with pesticide. Once the visible signs of pine tree stress show up it more times than not turns into a tree removal job.
Tree owners out there, please look up, look up often so you spot these dying trees. When a tree gets too dead it becomes more dangerous for tree workers to remove it and the cost for removing it goes up.
So please spot your dead trees fast and report to Arbor Pros by phone or website to make your request.
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“Top Droppers In Tallahassee!!!”

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“Sick House… Down with the Sickness!”

The title says it all. The house was beyond repair having become dilapidated to the point of needing to be demolished and hauled away. The client pulled the proper permitting with Leon county and we performed the house demo in Tallahassee. We are not demolition experts, but in this case we had the right tool. If you see this video and wonder… Would Arbor Pros do that for me? Then ask us!!! tree removal & sometimes more!

“and Another One….”

and Another One to Send it screaming Timberrrrrr while the trees are falling this hype video shows some of the inside scoop of the Arbor Pros behind the scenes while getting after it in Ground Town!!!! Tallahassee Expert tree company rigging roping and removing dangerous trees all around Tallahassee and the surrounding areas.

“Yeahhhh-Boi… Boo-Ya!”

“Yeahhhh-Boi… Boo-Ya!” Wicked lil’ cut✂️ of @passetti_knives ???filmed by certified arborist Cory Wilson?no doubt ?leaves?you BREATHLESS ???? Watch how this skilled arborist climbs rope with tree climbing spikes on. If you need a tree surgeon to dismantle trees in tight areas we can help. Please make your request at by hitting the “GET A QUOTE” button which is easy to find on every page of the website. We love to provide tree risk inspection which reveals weak and risky trees that may need to be pruned, trimmed to be reduced or even cut down like the tree in this video. Trust that Arbor Pros arborists will look out for your best interest when making recommendations.

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“Cone-ing Down” The Real Cut

Lightning struck and dead pine tree must go so here’s a little taste on how to safely remove a very dead tree in tight work zone. As with every case and every tree job, Safety is number one. When a tree dies it becomes dry and brittle and a tree climber cannot exert rigging forces on the tree. Basically we cannot catch the tree top off of itself because the tree will break. This is a great reason to call tree service sooner than later when a tree dies because prices will go up as risk goes up. Arbor Pros can assist with dead tree removal.

Orchestrated Artis-Tree

An inside look at the Artis-Tree of the Arbor Pros. This raw mash up video shows the removal of dead or decaying trees. Beautifully orchestrated sit back and HOLD ON TO YOUR SEAT for this jaw dropping BEAT DROPPING VIDEO of Tallahassee Tree Pros.

Glory Laurel

Video titled “Glory Laurel” but we are actually pruning a laurel oak tree in north Florida. This day doing tree work was glorious and the tree, elder in age, with an overextended limb over the roof. Older trees overextending over your roof is not good. We pruned this tree in an effort to minimize length and weight from this one limb by making a large reduction cut. The client has been educated that the tree is nearing end of “safe” life span and due to the species, which is known to be short lived and prone to decay, will need to be removed in a few years.

Video Trailer… “Cone-ing Down”

Dead pine tree removal sentenced to death by lightning and finished off by Arbor Pro @passetti_knives on this tree take down hit, I mean tree removal project. The real video cut releases next week! Stay safe Tallahassee!!!

Arbor Pros | Blog | Smooth Electric

Smooth style crew of two remove this large-ish sized water oak tree that was killed by lightning. The tree was cut down and moved to a burn pile on site to save money on hauling for the client. In this video we demonstrate what we know as a tree removal bomb session. How fun for the tree cutter!!!

Arbor Pros | Blog | Thank You

THANK YOU TALLAHASSEE for your support and business, now enjoy this three week rewind mash up of video clips of tree workers gone wild!

Arbor Pros | Blog | Make it Rain

As the title says, the arborist makes it rain when cutting down this fast paced tree removal job. The video captures interesting angles not seen by most people and a cool Tarzan swing mid video. Arborists removing risky trees and preserving those that are healthy. We can do that for you. All you have to do is ask for a tree risk inspection.

Arbor Pros | Blog | “Capitol Swag” Video

A glimpse of the Arbor Pros inside edition footage performing tree removal services in Tallahassee at the Florida State Capitol. Arborists gone wild!!!! Wait for the Real Cut out soon!

Arbor Pros | Blog | Arborist Success Secrets

Arborist Success Secrets – an inside look at the Arbor Pros. So every job that we start begins with a team Job & Safety Analysis. What makes me proud is that this team leader David Smith puts his own words into the intro and man what a fun, humerus, yet powerful way to to start a tree job!

Arbor Pros | Blog | Tree Work Ahead

Okay so part of the title is misleading because this tree climber ascends the easy fun way…. on a crane hook YEAHHHHHHHHH love this job in the field of Arboriculture because it is rough, raw and artistic all in one big challenging package.

Arbor Pros | Blog | Pamper Your Shrubs

Arbor Pros cares for shrubs too! Yes this fun video cut shows how to hedge trim shrubbery to keep it shapely and tame looking. The Arbor Pros are also trained to hand prune delicate shrubs and ornamental trees as well. We understand making proper cuts and how the plant will respond.

Arbor Pros | Blog | Sweet Tree Climb O’ Mine

Certified Arborist Mike Cross climbs this live oak tree over a client’s house to clean out dead limbs 3″ and larger. Of course I get carried away pruning smaller diameter limbs but that’s perfection. This climbing was done using stationary rope positioning. Safari rope, rope runner, petzl pantin foot ascender, and raw grit make all this possible!

Arbor Pros | Blog | Introduction

Introduction to The Arbor Pros Expert Tree Company in Tallahassee I’m Mike Cross, certified arborist and managing partner of Arbor Pros Expert Tree Company.

Since 2002 I have made it my mission to protect my clients, their property and their trees. We do this by preserving healthy trees and removing trees that need to be removed before they cause harm.

I have vowed to deliver these services in a way that “WOWS” you, the client and I promise to raise standards in my industry. I will put SAFETY before all else, I will put TEAM before myself & I will take PRIDE in everything I do because I am an Arbor Pro.

These are the same principles that we hire train and coach our staff to live by. It’s an internal culture that we know as STP, Safety, Team & Pride. STP keeps our machine well oiled so that we can better serve you and your trees.

So if you are willing to listen to our education and our recommendations then please contact us for a TREE RISK INSPECTION.

Your property will be SAFER, your trees will be HEALTHIER & more BEAUTIFUL!

I’m Mike Cross, certified arborist and managing partner of Arbor Pros Expert Tree Company and we are “Protecting People, Property & Trees.”

Arbor Pros | Blog | Bloopers

Movie trailer bloopers reel- The “Real Cut” will be released next video so look for it! Certified Arborist tops a pine tree into a tight hole with precision. This video is more about the behind the scenes of our tree service in Tallahassee.

Arbor Pros | Blog | Poppin’ Tops

Certified Arborist Mike Cross cuts the top off this tall pine tree in Tallahassee Florida for removal of the tree. This pine tree had trunk decay in the main upper trunk and was too close to the house to risk leaving it there.