As a local born and life long Tallahassee resident I take great pride in caring for down town trees for the State of Florida, The Governor’s Mansion, FDLE and other “high profile” locations. When I was a child my mother took me to every downtown parade and toured every part of the city and the trees always stood out. After all they are what makes Tallahassee “The Tree City.” We have been involved over the years in a number of tree consultations to assess preservation of these asset trees. Sometimes these protected trees have become aged out and require removal to prevent damage from tree failures. Most of the time proper maintenance can extend a tree’s life span and minimize these failures. My ambition is that by delivering the best tree care that I can, one day my children will sit in the shade of street trees in Tallahassee watching the parades under the same long lived trees that I have had the opportunity to care for and enjoy for a lifetime.