Knowing what to do after a storm will help protect your property and keep your loved ones safe and secure.  Before going outside, make sure local officials have declared that its safe to go outdoors.  After it has been confirmed safe to go outdoors, you can begin to assess any potential damage to your home and property.  Here are some tips to follow after the storm is over:

·       Stay informed by visiting Talgov.com, following @COTNews on social medial, listening to 88.9 WFSU-FM radio and watching the news on local or cable TV.

·       Make a list of your damaged property, including a description of the item, name of the manufacturer, brand name as well as the place and date of purchase, if known.  Take pictures and video of the damage if possible.  Don’t throw away damaged items until your insurance adjuster has seen them.

·       Call you insurance agent or company as soon as possible to report home or property damage and follow up with a written claim to protect your rights.  If you think your home might be unsafe due to storm damage, discuss finding temporary accommodations with your agent.

·       Keep accurate records of your expenses and save bills and receipts from temporary repairs.  (Avoid making permanent repairs until your Claim professional has reviewed the damage.) 

·       Roads may be closed for your protection.  If you come upon a barricade or a flooded road, turn around and go another way.

·       Avoid downed power lines.  Never touch anything that’s in contact with power lines, including water that may be near the downed power lines.

·       Be cautious of hazards that are a product of the storm, such as floodwaters, damaged tree limbs or other potentially compromised structures.